MacVoices #23265: A 20th Anniversary Take Control Authors Reunion (2)

The 20th Anniversary gathering of Take Control authors continues as Joe Kissell, Adam and Tonya Engst, Jeff CarlsonJosh CentersMichael E. CohenLea GalanterScott KnasterTed LandauKirk McElhearnMatt Neuburg, and Jeff Porten explore how e-books have revolutionized the publishing industry, highlighting the advantages of easier revisions and instant sales feedback. Details that you probably didn’t know about how book sales used to be handled, and the inefficients that were inherent in the system are revealed, so that you may never look at a paper book the same way again. How the close relationship between the customers and Take control actors authors contributed to the unexpected success of Take Control books wraps up this session. (Part 2)

Show Notes:


0:00:00 A Fun and Informative Reunion with Take Control Authors
0:00:39 Streamlining the Writing Process with Tonya’s Approach
0:02:08 Challenges with Formatting and Layout Changes
0:03:18 The benefits of track changes and editing process
0:04:50 Immediate feedback and success tracking with Take Control Books
0:06:34 Building an audience and receiving feedback in publishing industry
0:08:37 Streaming “Take Control of Apple TV” initially
0:09:10 The early days of print books and Peach Pit Press
0:12:17 Take Control’s unexpected success and lack of returns
0:14:21 The challenges of book returns in traditional bookstores
0:17:47 Autographing eBooks and the limited success of book signings
0:26:35 Personal Recommendations and Trust in Take Control Books


  • Jeff Carlson
  • Josh Centers
  • Michael E. Cohen
  • Adam Engst
  • Tonya Engst
  • Lea Galanter
  • Joe Kissell
  • Scott Knaster
  • Ted Landau
  • Kirk McElhearn
  • Matt Neuburg
  • Jeff Porten


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