MacVoices #23226: TV+Talk – The Morning Show, The Changeling, iPhone 15, and More

Charlotte Henry and Chuck Joiner team up for another edition of TV+ Talk. From the return of “Invasion” to the eerie description of “The Changeling,” they discuss how Apple TV+ navigates the delicate balance between mature content and the platform’s family-friendly image. Anticipation runs high for Season 3 of “The Morning Show”, with insights into intriguing trailers and potential storylines. The discussion also delves into industry strikes, Apple’s evolving services, and the excitement surrounding the iPhone 15 release. 

Show Notes:


0:00:21 Apple TV Plus: Exciting September Releases and Hollywood Strike
0:02:14 The Changeling: A Dark Fairy Tale Horror Series on Apple TV Plus
0:08:39 The Morning Show Season 3: Returning to Its Roots
0:12:54 Discussing Timeliness and Relevance of the Show’s Topics
0:16:18 Hoping for Jon Hamm’s Character to Be a Vampire
0:16:26 Jon Hamm as a Vampire?
0:19:25 Comparing Successful Shows: Ted Lasso vs Mythic Quest
0:21:05 Strikes’ Impact on Promotion: Killers of the Flower Moon
0:22:34 Strike Negotiations and the Impact on Promotions
0:24:05 New Challenges with Streaming and Rights for Actors


Charlotte Henry is a media junkie, covering how Apple is not just a revolutionary tech firm, but a revolutionary media firm. She is based in London, writes and broadcasts for various outlets, and is the author of Not Buying It, an examination of fake news. You can find her on her The Addition blog, her podcast, in her The Addition newsletter on substack, and on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and TikTok.


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