MacVoices #23181: Road to Macstock – Kirschen Seah

This Road to Macstock conversation is with Kirschen Seah, a returning presenter at the conference. Kirshen shares her expertise on shortcuts, demonstrating their functionalities and how third-party apps enhance their capabilities. We discuss integrating HomeKit devices, provide simple examples, and highlight the practicality and usefulness of shortcuts. Her goal will be to inspire viewers to explore shortcuts and unlock their potential benefits. 


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Show Notes:


/>0:02:36 Kirschen Seah”s topic: Getting started with shortcuts and its benefits
0:05:01 Exploring the capabilities of shortcuts on different Apple devices
0:06:04 Unique shortcuts for Apple Watch and retirement countdown example
0:07:08 Integrating third-party applications into shortcuts
0:08:44 Simple examples of shortcuts and live demo planned
0:09:48 Overview of resources for developing shortcuts
0:12:57 Using shortcuts as recipes for automation
0:14:30 Demystifying the power and usefulness of shortcuts
0:15:51 Fear of shortcuts diminishes with practice and experience
0:16:53 Recognizing repetitive tasks as opportunities for automation
0:17:55 Converting calendar invites to text with QR codes and shortcuts
0:19:51 Introduction to Shortcuts and External Sources


Kirschen Seah brings with her a background in Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, and macOS / iOS development and over the course of her 30 year career, she has been awarded 22 US patents for her contributions to engineering. She started programming with BASIC in 1978 on an Apple ][ and worked on OPENSTEP (precursor to Mac OS X Cocoa) graphical prototyping applications when she joined Rockwell Collins (now Collins Aerospace) in 1999.
Kirschen is a Principal Systems Engineer in the Flight Management Systems department focused on the user interface for pilot interaction. Prior to joining Rockwell Collins she worked at Acuity (formerly ichat) developing interactive user interfaces for live chat customer service agents.

In her remaining spare time (infinite of course!), she works on her blog at and develops macOS and iOS apps.


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