MacVoices #17178: Director Jake Schumacher Discusses ‘App: The Human Story’

Jake Schumacher is the Director of App: The Human Story, “a film exploring what it means to be human in a world of technology”. Jake talks about the origins of the project, why he became interested in the story of app development, and how he and his team were able to get so many developers, both high profile and otherwise, involved. There were surprises, lessons, and changes in direction along the way, and Jake shares some of those, and more.

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Jake Schumacher cut his teeth making skate videos and short ?lms in the rural Paci?c Northwest before moving to LA to direct for esteemed companies like Sandwich Video. While in LA he discovered his desire to create feature documentaries. He lives in Long Beach with his wife and two daughters. You can find his app, Quantify, on the iOS App Store, and you can follow him on Twitter.