MacVoices #15190 – Tonya Engst and Ted Landau on 10 Years of MacNotables and the Speed of Tech Changes

Tonya Engst  and Ted Landau  join the party for another MacNotables 10th anniversary panel to talk about how podcasting has affected them, the speed of changes in technology and the seemingly constant stream of software updates. Deciding what is newsworthy, and why, has changed over the years. Ted and Tonya discuss what makes their list, how they learn to use software, and introduce the concept of the Good Idea Fairy.

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Show Notes:

Chuck Joiner is the producer and host of MacVoices. You can catch up with what he’s doing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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Tonya Engst  spends her days immersed in Apple technology, serving as editor-in-chief at TidBITS Publishing, which she co-founded. She works behind the scenes on the  TidBITS  Web site (Apple news for the rest of us) and on the front lines of theTake Control ebook series  (highly practical, tightly focused ebooks about technology, mostly Apple-related), where she thinks about the big picture, edits many ebooks, and occasionally gets to write one. Follow her on  Twitter.

Ted Landau pens Ted Landau’ User Friendly View column at The Mac Observer, is a Senior Contributor for Macworld, is the author of several Mac and iPhone help books, and is the founder of MacFixIt. He blogs on Ted Landau’s Slanted Viewpoint, and you can follow him on Twitter.  


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