MacVoices #15126: Justin Miller of Mapbox On Their Mapping Tools for iOS and Web Developers

We all use maps, but how much thought do you give them? Justin Miller and the team at Mapbox  give them a whole lot of thought. Mapbox supplies maps and map data to application developers to use in apps like Pinterest, Foursquare and more. Justin gives us a look at the world of iOS maps, the kinds of information they deliver to us, and the kinds of information that developers can obtain from them.

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Justin Miller is the mobile lead at Mapbox, a team that is building the future of mapping tools for mobile apps and the web. He has been programming professionally in the open source space since the late 90s and in the Apple ecosystem for over ten years. Justin was critical in the formation and success of several technology startups, primarily in the web hosting industry, before running a consultancy for nearly five years building iOS, Mac, and web applications. Outside of Mapbox, Justin enjoys travel and wildlife photography. He lives and works in Portland, Oregon, and you can follow him on Twitter.  


Protecting Users’ Location Data From An Unconstitutional Search by Eric Gundersen on TechCrunch



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