MacVoices #14189: David Gerhard of Shiverware on The Star Trek Vulcan Harp App and Musix Pro

Shiverware‘s David Gerhard  talks about their development of the official Star Trekâ„¢ Vulcan Harp. Not just a toy, the Vulcan Harp is a real iPad musical instrument taking its inspiration from our favorite sci-fi series. David explains how it was made and why they went to such lengths to make it perfect. Revealing a little known piece of Trek trivia, David also talks about why it is iPad only, the licensing process to make it “official,” and a developer’s eye view of app pricing. David also discusses  Musix Pro, their “Epic Isomorphic Harmony Music Instrument” and why both are not just apps, but also music research. Need an app of your own? David can help with that too.

Show Notes:

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Shiverware is a Saskatchewan based company focused on interactive solutions for web and mobile platforms. We are dedicated to providing only high quality applications that focus on the user experience. Our multi-faceted approach and talents serve to provide a uniquely encompassing design and development process – from concept to finished product and every step in-between. Our goal is to provide customized solutions that tightly couple high-quality functionality with top-notch graphics to achieve a great user experience.

Shiverware was incorporated in 2010 and is located in Regina, Saskatchewan (the location of our Canadian office and the province we primarily do business in). Although we are a young corporation, our health and financial stability have been rapidly growing year-over-year.

We have three main revenue streams: mobile apps, website design and hosting, and client software. Our popular public-facing projects are: Musix Pro – Epic Isomorphic Harmony Music Instrument; SpeakBeat Metronome – The only one that counts; and the Star Trekâ„¢ Vulcan Harp, a licensed property through CBS interactive. David Gerhard is art of the executive team responsible for Shiverware’s overall strategy and direction. He brings latest innovations in embedded computing; human-computer interaction usability and accessibility; and computer-enhanced art and music, to Shiverware and our clients. David also shares overall responsible for delighting clients.  


Star Trekâ„¢ Vulcan Harp

Musix Pro

SpeakBeat Metronome – The only one that counts! – Shiverware