MacVoices #14179: Ted Landau on iLife’s Span, Stand-Alone Apps and Social Media Trust Violations

Ted Landau  tells us about his recent road trip, then speculates on the remaining lifespan of Apple’s iLife suite. What does the demise of iPhoto mean for iLife, and will the individual apps continue as stand-alone products? Ted provides his reasoning. We also get a little perspective on the Facebook “experiment” and the reaction (or lack of) to their abuse of trust.

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Show Notes:

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Ted Landau pens Ted Landau’ User Friendly View column at The Mac Observer, is a Senior Contributor for Macworld, is the author of several Mac and iPhone help books, and is the founder of MacFixIt. He blogs on Ted Landau’s Slanted Viewpoint, and you can follow him on Twitter.  


With iPhoto’s demise, writing may be on the wall for iLife by Ted Landau on Macworld