MacVoices #13209: Jim Dalrymple Looks At Big Tech Trends

Jim Dalrymple is back to look at the stories of 2013 that will have lasting effects on the tech world. Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry and Yahoo are on the agenda…what they have done right, wrong, and what we can expect from them based on those decisions. Jim’s observations, made with his usual flair and humor, help us with the long-term view of the industry…something that gets far too little attention.

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Jim Dalrymple is the founder and Editor in Chief at The Loop. You can follow him on Twitter, you can follow his alter ego, The Beard as well, or join Jim Dalrymple Fans on FaceBook. He is a guitar player and dog lover who has been reporting on Apple for almost 20 years. You can find his blog at Sometimes I say things.