MacVoices #13196: Sharon Zardetto Takes Control of iBooks

Sharon Zardetto took lots of time to go through the newest versions of Apple’s iBooks, including the premier edition for the Mac, to research her new Take Control of iBooks. You wouldn’t think there is that much to reading a book on a Mac or iDevice, but you would be wrong. Sharon talks about the variety of options and features that make iBooks such a great experience, how it handles your PDF documents, and names the biggest danger with the program. She also discusses the ebook concept in general, whether paper books still fit in, and more.

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Take Control of iBooks
Take Control  of iBooks

Sharon Zardetto wrote several dozen Mac books when they were still produced only on paper. She has since moved to ebooks, with her most recent titles being  Take Control of Safari 6  and Take Control of Spotlight for  Finding Anything on Your Mac. Follow her on Twitter at  @SharonZardetto.