MacVoices #10122: Joe Kissell Takes Control of MobileMe Again

Author and Mac expert Joe Kissell is back to talk about the second edition of Take Control of MobileMe, Second Edition,, Apple’s online service. MobileMe has evolved both over its lifetime, and since the first edition of this book; Joe covers this evolution, talking about what has disappeared, what has been introduced, and how the little changes have added up to an imperfect but improved and valuable service. Among the functions and features discussed are syncing through MobileMe, MobileMe Mail and the ways it beats Gmail, the uses and shortcomings of iDisk and photosharing and more. Joe explains why, even with its faults, MobileMe is a good value and why you should be a member.

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Take Control of MobileMe, second edition by Joe Kissell

Take Control of MobileMe, Second Edition by Joe Kissell

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