Chuck Joiner, Jim Sherhart

MacVoices #14072: Road to Macworld – Jim Sherhart of Connected Data Introduces The New Transporter Developer Program

The Road to Macworld comes to an end with a stop to talk to Jim Sherhard  of Connected Data, who announces a new Developer Program for the Transporter, their affordable private cloud device. So...
Chuck Joiner, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #13169: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Your Paperless Office Again

Joe Kissell  has an update to his book on one of the hottest topics going, Take Control of Your Paperless Office, 2ed Edition. Things change quickly in the tech world, and Joe keeps us...
Chuck Joiner, Steve Walters

MacVoices #20003: CES Unveiled – Fasetto Delivers Your Presentation To Every Device In The Room

At CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, we make up for a past mistake by talking to Fasetto Marketing Channel Manager Steve Walters about their unique presentation product that puts your presentation on every computer, tablet, or...
Chuck Joiner, Dave Hamilton

MacVoices #18215: The First Weekend with the iPhone XR, with Dave Hamilton

The iPhone XR launch went smoothly and racked up good sales numbers, but many had already committed to the iPhone XS or XS Max. Not so Dave Hamilton of The Mac Obserever! Dave spent the weekend with...
Chuck Joiner, Mike Potter, Josh Centers

MacVoices #18232: MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide #5

Our latest gift guide covers picks that cover the traveler, the tinkerer, the geek, and the intellectual. Books to hardware, games to photo gear, some great new picks with themes are presented by Josh...