MacVoices #7102 – Dan Pourhadi’s Perspective on iPod Naming Conventions

MacUser "celebrity blogger" Dan Pourhadi is frustrated with Apple's iPod naming conventions, and joins us to talk about the implications for both Apple and potential iPod buyers. Dan discusses the potential confusion caused by...
John Chaffee

MacVoices #1032 – MacVoices at Macworld – John Chaffee Updates The Status of BusyCal, the Calendar Program for Productive Users

At Macworld 2010 in San Francisco, John Chaffee of BusyMac talks about why there have been few major updates to their calendar program, BusyCal, but lots of minor ones. John talks about what features...
Chuck Joiner, Paul Anderson

MacVoices #1341: Macworld 2013 – Daylight Viewfinder Gives Your iPhone a Camera Viewfinder for Bright Conditions

At First Look at  Macworld/iWorld 2013  in San Francisco,  we talk to Paul Anderson, the Engineer/Owner of Daylight Viewfinder, a hardware/software combination that helps you take photos in bright conditions. No special case required;...

MacVoices #8152: The Road to Macworld – Paul Kent Discusses Their iPhone App, Their Social Network Options and the Future of Macworld Expo

Paul Kent, the General Manager of Macworld Conference & Expo, makes a special appearance on The Road to Macworld to update you on some of the social networking options before, during and after the...

MacVoices #8109: Fraser Speirs of Connected Flow on Exposure for the iPhone, Uploading, and the Future of the App Store

Connected Flow founder Fraser Speirs talks about the first version of his first iPhone app, Exposure, how it delivers "2 billion photos, in your pocket," and the many ways it lets you interact with...