User Group Report #404: Gold Coast Mac, “Make-A-Movie,” & The TechGalaxy Conference

We get a report on one regional conference, hear about another for user groups of all platforms, and learn about a moviemaking event conducted by a campus user group.

Esver Camacho
Esver Camacho of the Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group gives us an update on his groups’ activities and their recent participation int he Florida Association of Computer User Groups Spring Conference.
Michael Williams
Mike Williams of the Winona State University Macintosh Users Group talks about his group’s third annual “Make-A-Movie” event, how they encourage all students, not just Mac users, to participate, and how they get the equipment pull it off.
Raul Salizar
Raul Salazar of the South Florida Java Users Group is also the organizer of the TechGalaxy Conference for user groups of all platforms. Raul discusss why he felt there was a need for this type of conference, and how he is able to make it free to both exhibiting groups and attendees.

User Group Report #403: Nicholas Pyers of AUSOM, Charlotte Apple Computer Club & MUG Vendor Deals

We find out about user group activities “down under,” examine a group that endured and surviced leadership conflict, introduce a new feature, and get the latest crop of special deals just for user groups.

Nicholas Pyers
Nicholas Pyers from AUSOM talks about getting quality presenters at his group in Australia, how they fund their organization, and why he contributes to the MUG Center’s Newsletter Content email list.

Orianamellott Eddynivens-1

Oriana Mellot and Eddie Nivens of The Charlotte Apple Computer Club tell the story of their group’s brush with leadership conflict, why they almost lost control of the group’s identity, how their bylaws resolved many of the issues, and offer suggestions for your group to avoid the difficulties they faced.

User Group Report #402: Jim Dalrymple of MacCentral, dealmac User Group Tour, New TidBITS Support for User Groups & MacOS X Transition with Serious MUG

This bonus-length show features three interviews with major players in the Macintosh industry who are either starting or extending their support for Macintosh User Groups, a MUG that is making the transition to MacOS X a multi-meeting topic, iLife ’04 resouces, and an invitation to play MUG Web Site Roulette.

Jim Dalrymple
Jim Dalrymple of MacCentral and discusses his involvement with both sites, his views on user groups and why he opts to cover their events, his experiences with his daughter in building a web site, and his personal offer of a brand new web option for user groups to promote their event.
Dan de Grandpre
Dan de Grandpre from dealmac tells us about the history of the site and how it has expanded over the years. Dan announces a tour of Macintosh User Groups, and provides details on how to invite him to your group.
Adam Engst
Adam Engst of TidBITS spends time with us talking about the “Take Control” series of electronics books, why they are trendsetting in their use of the PDF file format, how they could be used as the basis for MUG meeting topics, and a new offer that not only extends a discount to all MUG members, and will get copies to user groups for review or raffle.
Lyle Turner
Lyle Turner of the Serious Macintosh Users Group profiles his group, their series of MacOS X transition meetings, how they decided what topics were important to cover, and in what order, and some of the resources they are using to plan the meetings.

User Group Report #401: Circus Ponies at Expo, The User Group Booth, The Rest of Us, Techie Tours, Vendor Deals & Macworld Wrap-Up

Our first show of 2004 starts with an exclusive story of impromptu user group support of at Mac vendor at Expo, a visit with the groups exhibiting in the User Group Booth and a Chicago MUG meeting at the Apple Store. New vendor deals are spotlighted, we wrap up Macworld Expo and look at what’s coming for MUGs in the weeks ahead.

Elizabeth Statmore
Elizabeth Statmore of Circus Ponies talks about supporting User Group University, reports on their success at Macworld Expo, and how user groups provided some unexpected support and encouragement following one of the demos at Steve Jobs’ keynote.
Joe Fergesun
Joe Fergesun from The Rest of Us profiles his group and talks about how his group developed a relationship that allows them to meet at The Apple Store in Chicago.
Jim Sims
Jim Sims of TechieTours has a unique offer for user group members: Photoshop and MacOS X training, along with with a vacation package, on the island of Malta for 20% off. Get the details, and find out why Jim’s prior positive experience with user groups led him to make this offer.

The User Group Booth at Macworld Expo featured a different set of user groups each day. On Friday, we got the flavor of the Booth by talking to:

User Group Report #322: User Group Events at Expo, Terry White, The Macworld/UGU Planning Team, December Vendor Deals and a Year-End Review

We review all of the user group events at Macworld Expo, cover the involvement of Adobe in those events, talk to a User Group University presenter, get the year’s last set of vendor deals for MUGs, and look back at user groups in 2003.

Terry White
Terry White of MacGroup-Detroit and Adobe talks with both hats on about his user group web site review at User Group University, and then covers Adobe’s activities at Expo, including the Adobe User Group Breakfast.
Members of the Macworld/User Group University Planning Team take time out from a meeting to review what they’ve been up to over the past few months, and how you can enjoy the fruits of their labor at both UGU and Expo.