User Group Report #523: Talking Dashboard and Widgets with Dori Smith, Custom Postage Stamps with Endicia Software, the New Southwest United States Apple Regional Liaison, Mac News Braintrust Commentary by Dennis Sellers and More

Talking Dashboard and widgets with an expert, creating postage stamps with your photos, a new Apple Regional Liaison, Mac Braintrust thinking, a new user group discount, MUG Center activities at Macworld Expo and more are all in this edition of the show that delivers more signal and less noise for real Mac users. This week’s edition is sponsored by Brigadoon Software.

Dori Smith, the author of the upcoming Dashboard Widgets for Mac OS X Tiger : Visual QuickStart Guide from Peachpit talks about the world of widgets and where the Dashboard is going as a new platform for these mini-applications.
Pat Castaldo of Endicia Software discusses his company’s new product and service, PictureItPostage, that lets you create real custom U.S. Postage stamps from your photos and images, as well as their postage product, Endicia for Mac.
Alex Podressoff of The Arizona Macintosh Users Group and the new Apple Regional Liaison for the Southwest United states profiles his group and talks about the challenges and opportunities of being an RL.
Dennis Sellers
Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News is our Mac News Braintrust correspondent for this edition, and will tell you about some stories he things are important that you might have missed, and why.