User Group Report #522: Troubleshooting Tiger with Ted Landau, Garr Reynolds on UGs and Presentations, Going on Photo Safari with Ann Lesnik, Braintrust Commentary with Bryan Chaffin, Talk Back to the UGR and More

Tiger troubleshooting with an expert, views on Mac user groups and presentations from a unique perspective, a fun activity for your user group (or any group), a Mac News Braintrust member on one of the week’s headlines and much more are all on this week’s bonus-length show.

Ted Landau

Ted Landau, one of the most respected names in Mac troubleshooting and the author of the upcoming Mac OS X Help Line – Tiger Edition from Peachpit discusses how to solve Tiger problems and keep the big cat purring.

Garr Reynolds of Design Matters, and the former Apple Manger for Worldwide User Group Relations talks about his days at the Mothership, the concept of an Apple Pro Group and approaching the art of presentation from a Zen perspective.

Ann Lesnik

Ann Lesnik of Washington Apple Pi outlines the Photo Safari that was one of the things that make this past weekend’s Washington Apple Pi picnic so much fun.

Bryan Chaffin
Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer and a member of our Mac News Braintrust talks about an overlooked but important development from the headlines of the week.


Presentation Zen

Design Matters