MacVoices #760 – Steve Sande Takes More Control of the iPod

Steve SandeSteve Sande, the author of Take Control of your iPod: Beyond The Music has just updated his eBook and talks about some of the new capabilities in the current crop of iPods as well as some methods and utilities for getting more out of your iPod, no matter what model you have. Steve helps you identify the iPod(s) you own and what they are capable of, talks about putting Google maps on your iPod, managing the space on whatever you have and why he may scrap his smart phone and replace it with an iPod nano.

MacVoices #759 – Pat Fauquet Joins MacVoices for New Tech Series


Pat Fauquet“The Talk of the Mac Community” is introducing a new feature starting with this edition. Pat Fauquet of Dr. Mac Consulting has joined MacVoices as the resident tech guru. Pat will be discussing technical issues in-depth, assisting listeners with their problems and sharing her experiences as a troubleshooter and problem solver for the business she shares with author, Houston Chronicle columnist and MacNotable Bob LeVitus.

In this show, Pat shares some humorous tech support stories and covers an important topic to anyone in storm country: the need for surge suppressors and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Pat tells you what they are, what to look for when buying and dismisses some old wives’ tales in her first appearance.

MacNotables #726: Andy Ihnatko is Happy about the Leopard Delay


Andy Ihnatko
Andy Ihnatko just returned from his annual trip to Colorado and talks about his adventures at the Conference on World Affairs and the Colorado Macintosh Users Group that included a field test of an iPod voice recorder. Andy then turns his attention to the delay in Leopard, the next version of the Mac operating system and reveals why it wasn’t unexpected and why he is so relieved. Is the delay a mis-step on Apple’s part or the way to assure a better version of the Mac OS? Find out what Andy thinks.

MacNotables #725: Christopher Breen on Podcast Production and the Evolution of Breen’s Bungalow


Christopher Breen

Christopher Breen discusses his role as the host and producer of both the Macworld Podcast and the Macworld Video podcasts, and how his video series, Breen’s Bungalow, figured in the mix. Mac User Groups had a good thing going with Breen’s Bungalow and Chris invites MUGs to do the same thing with his new productions. Then Chris and Chuck talk about the podcasting tools, techniques and tricks used in the production of their four different shows: Chris’ two Macworld podcasts, MacNotables and Chuck’s other show, MacVoices.

MacVoices #758 – O’Reilly School of Technology Offers Accredited Online Technology Training

O'Reilly School of TechnologyScott Gray, the Director and Trish Gray, the Senior Development Manager of the O’Reilly Institute of Technology talk about the opening of the latest option for virtual formal technology training. Scott and Trish talk about how they combined their online training methods with the University of Illinois’s outstanding technology programs and O’Reilly’s reputation to deliver Professional Development (PD) accreditation to courses on HTML and CSS, Unix, XML Programming, Ruby and more. The courses, based are project-based to make them more relevant to the real world, and are available to students anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Scott and Trish explain how these courses can fit even the busiest person’s schedule and why they are more than affordable alternatives to traditional PD classes.