Ted Landau, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #14164: AltConf – Ted Landau Analyzes The WWDC Keynote

Making a special guest appearance for our AltConference 2014 coverage, Ted Landau follows up on his predictions and delivers his very positive reactions to all of Apple's WWDC keynote announcements. This edition of MacVoices is...
Chuck Joiner, Ted Landau

MacVoices #14179: Ted Landau on iLife’s Span, Stand-Alone Apps and Social Media Trust Violations

Ted Landau  tells us about his recent road trip, then speculates on the remaining lifespan of Apple's iLife suite. What does the demise of iPhoto mean for iLife, and will the individual apps continue...
MacVoices OpenMic

MacVoices Update: Announcing MacVoices OpenMic!

MacVoices OpenMic  is your way to get your voice, and maybe even your face, on MacVoices! Find out how to submit audio and video comments on our shows, on your favorite products, or anything...
Ted Landau

MacVoices #1394: Ted Landau Talks About His Tech Writing Process, iWatch Needs and Apple Product Cycles

Ted Landau  discusses the mechanics of his tech writing process and his newest articles for Macworld. There are lots of rumors about  the "iWatch" (if it exists); Ted and Chuck prefer to take a...
Sights and sounds

MacVoices #14033: Sights and Sounds from New Media Expo and International CES

To close the MacVoices coverage of  International CES,  New Media Expo, CES Unveiled and ShowStoppers, here's a look some of the other sights and sounds of the events, time with friends, and of Las...