Chuck Joiner, Savannah Bigley

MacVoices #19047: CES – Ring Introduces New Security Light and Peep Hole Camera

Ring has again expanded their “Ring of Security” options with new hardware to help secure your home. Savannah Bigley, PR Coordinator, outlines new accent and motion flood light options, a new peep hole camera for...

MacVoices #904: The Road to Macworld: Arthur Greenwald and Daisy Whitney Talk “TV, Mobile TV and iPhone”

As we arrive at the end of The Road to Macworld, we consider the crossing, and sometimes clashing, intersection of new media, old media, distribution options and the future of it all with Arthur...
Chuck Joiner, Rob Walsh

MacVoices #1309: New Media Expo – Rob Walsh of Libsyn Discusses The State of Podcasting, His Own Show, and More

At  New Media Expo  in Las Vegas,  Rob Walch  of  Libsyn, and the host of  Today in iOS,  talks about  why the proclamations of a decline in podcasting are wrong, who's delivery content...

MacVoices #812: MacVoices at Expo – Michael Sidejas of Fujitsu Discusses The Newest Version of ScanSnap

Michael Sidejas, Fujitsu Product Marketing Manager, provides an introduction to the newest edition of their ScanSnap document scanner, the S510M. Michael talks about the new features, the bundle of software that comes with it,...
Jacob Gorban, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #15141: Alt Conf – Jacob Gorban of Apparent Software Talks Personal Finance and Cashculator

At AltConf in San Francisco, Jacob Gorban of Apparent Software discusses the variety of their apps, including a graphics utility, a file utility, and their personal finance application. With projections, not just tracking, Cashculator...