MacVoices Update - 2020-04

MacVoices #20122: MacVoices Update – 2020-04

The April Update contains updates on the MacVoices web site, MacVoices Thinking, why no COVID-19 shows, and the Support Report. Then, Chuck digs deep on the how’s and why’s of recording MacVoices...
MacVoices Update - 2020-03

MacVoices #20104: MacVoices Update – 2020-03

In the update for March 2020, Chuck talks about some changes to the MacVoices format, the new "MacVoices Thinking" benefit for Patreon supporters as well as an upcoming new benefit that is under construction....
MacVoices Update - 2020-02

MacVoices #20091: Update – 2020-02

In this month’s Update, Chuck reviews the status of listener support, asks for feedback on a new idea for Patrons, discusses where to watch the best quality video version of MacVoices, plugs Instagram, and...
MacVoices Update 2019-12

MacVoices #19259: Update 2019-12

In the last Update for 2019, and for the decade, Chuck talks about using the holiday gift guides, the RSS feed transitions, and provides the Support Report for the month. Show Notes: Chuck Joiner is the...
MacVoices Update - 2019-10

MacVoices #19232: Update – October 2019

In the October Update, Chuck clarifies the way Patreon works, covers some upcoming changes to the feeds and the Dispatch, and goes through the monthly Support Report. Show Notes: Chuck Joiner is the producer and host...