MacVoices #9104: Arnie Ramirez of MCE Technologies Expands Your Mac Laptop with Their OptiBay

Arnie Ramirez
Running out of hard drive space on your Mac laptop? Arnie Ramirez, the President of MCE Technologies, introduces us to their OptiBay, an affordable expansion bay for hard drives that opens all sorts of possibilities. It not only offers storage, but performance and convenience options as well. Arnie explains some of the options for RAID formatting, solid state drive(s), backups, alternative OS versions, and more. You can do the install yourself or have MCE do it for you; Arnie explains how they make it easier than you might think, and what you do with your SuperDrive after it has been replaced.


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OptiBay from MCE Technologies

Intel Solid State Drive
Intel X25M 160GB Mainstream Solid State Drive

Corsair Solid State Drive
Corsair CMFSSD-128D1 128 GB Extreme Series Solid State Drive

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