MacVoices #721 – MacVoices at Expo: Blurb Delivers Personal Book Publishing Options

Looking for more flexibility in creating photo books? Want to become a published author? Blurb may be your best bet. Konstantin Gredeskoul, the engineering lead from Blurb, talks about the service and while it is primarily is targeted at those interested in printing images, it can also handle text books as well. Competitively priced with iPhoto, Blurb offers drag-and-drop personal publishing as well as a unique online store to help you sell your book after you’ve created it.



  1. […] At some point in the day I was approached by someone with a request to take a quick podcast interview, and as it recently went up live, here is the link where you can listen to yours truly talk about Blurb offering – MacVoices PodCast Interview […]

  2. […] Let’s go back in time to the Macworld show. Here’s Konstantin, our lead engineer, with Chuck Joiner of MacVoices, doing a podcast for MacVoices. In true blogosphere fashion, Konstantin then wrote up his MacVoices appearance on his own blog. […]

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