MacVoices #19149: Road to Macstock – Josh Rensch On The Tech and Productivity Connection

The Road to Macstock takes a trip to the kitchen in our discussion with Josh Rensch. His unique presentation will focus on developing workflows to make you more productive by comparing the process to cooking. Making your workflow work for you as well as others, coordinating your efforts, and getting things done more efficiently both in your kitchen and in your projects will be Josh’s focus.


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Show Notes:

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Josh Rensch is an engineer, gamer, and cook. So is his wife. And they share a small, 120 square feet kitchen. This lack of space can make creating healthy fun meals a challenge. Only one drawer exists in the kitchen! Efficiency with their space and time is vital. Armed with various Apple products and apps, together they plan and create great meals and dishes. Including custom bacon and marshmallows. Josh is going to share the workflows that make this possible for them! Follow him on Twitter, or visit his soon-to-be-updated web site at