MacNotables #818: Andy Ihnatko on the Conference on World Affairs, the Eee PC and iPhone Knock-Offs

Andy IhnatkoChicago Sun-Times columnist Andy Ihnatko shares his experiences from the Conference on World Affairs in Colorado, ranging from his panel appearances with James “The Amazing” Randi discussing “bizarre beliefs” to why this is a very different kind of conference from every angle. Andy also discusses the Eee PC, how it compares with the MacBook Air and iPhone, what it offers and why it may be a viable mobile computing alternative…if you have the right expectations. We wrap up with some thoughts on the newest round of iPhone knock-offs and why Andy doesn’t feel they are relevant, no matter how pretty they look.


Conference on World Affairs

“iPod Fully Loaded: If You’ve Got It, You Can iPod It” by Andy Ihnatko


Asus Eee PC 4G