MacJury #1016: A Weekend with iPhone 4.0

Members of The MacJury take the stand to relate their first weekend experiences with the iPhone 4. Starting with their buying experiences and the lines at Apple Store spanning the United States, the panel...
Jean MacDonald, Jeff Gamet, Brett Terpstra, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #13201: The MacJury’s Holiday Gift Guide #1

Need some exciting, new and different gift ideas this holiday season? The MacJury is on the case with a list of gifts that runs the gamut from expensive to affordable, practical to extravagant, and...

MacJury #915: New iPods, iTunes and More: Was It Really Only Rock & Roll? (Part 2)

The MacJury continue their deliberations of Apple's "It's Only Rock & Roll" event by reviewing the new Home Sharing feature, discussing whether the iTunes Store redesign is a step forward, backward or sideways, and...

MacJury #809: NetFlix, TiVo, Adobe TV and the Changing Landscape of Video Delivery

The MacJury takes the case of on-demand content delivery options, discussing the announcements of a NetFlix set-top box, the return of the TiVo lifetime service agreement, Amazon Unbox, the Apple TV, the iTunes Store...
MacVoices Magazine

MacVoices Update: Announcing MacVoices Magazine!

MacVoices Magazine is live! Find out why the most recent addition to the MacVoices Group is a must-read, how it is delivered and why Flipboard was selected as the platform. Show Notes: Chuck Joiner is the...