MacJury #1205: The MacJury Reviews The First Weekend with the New iPad

Members of The MacJury convened in a late-night session to review their first weekend's experiences with the third generation iPad. Entered into evidence are opinions on the new Retina display, the upgraded camera, the...
Chuck Joiner, Peter Cohen, Mark Fuccio, KellyGuimont

MacVoices #19094: A Discussion of Apple, Business, and Capitalism

Tim Cook made headlines with his, "We’re capitalists” statement at the Apple Shareholders Meeting. That might seem like an obvious thing, but the term has been politicized, and can lead to wrong conclusion. The...

MacJury #1019: The Verdict on Microsoft’s ‘PC versus Mac’ Site (Part 2)

Microsoft recently published a PC versus Mac section on their web site to tout the benefits of Windows 7. How did they do? The MacJury takes the case, dissecting each of the focused areas,...

MacJury #1011: The MacJury Deliberates on The AT&T iPhone and iPad Data Plan Changes

One of the hottest cases on the docket is AT&T's revisions to their iPhone and iPad data plans, and The MacJury isn't afraid to discuss the evidence from all sides of the story. The...

MacJury #1101: Deliberations on The iPad 2 Announcement

The wait is over. The iPad 2 has been announced with a healthy dose of fanfare...but what does it mean to you? An all-star panel of iPad experts agreed to serve on this, our...