MacJury #906: The MacJury Judges The iPhone 3G S After A Weekend Sequestration

After a weekend sequestered with their brand new iPhone 3G S's, The MacJury convened to discuss their experiences with acquisition, activation and migration to their new devices. The panel cover the lack of glitches,...
Shelly Brisbin, Bret Terpstra, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #15167: The MacJury Discuss Home Automation, Expectations, Wants and Costs

The MacJury takes a look at the state of home automation and the Internet of Things, discussing what they have, what they want and why. Siri, the Amazon Echo and other  hardware devices...
Mark Fuccio, Michael E. Cohen, Chuck, Joiner

MacVoices #18064: The MacJury’s First Weekend with the HomePod

The MacJury panel of Michael E. Cohen, Mark Fuccio, and host Chuck Joiner braved a blizzard of Skype issues to discuss their first weekend with Apple’s new smart speaker, the HomePod. Starting with the first music...

MacJury #1202: Apple’s Education and Ebook Publishing Announcements Examined

Only hours after Apple make a series of announcements about their push into the textbook market, The MacJury met to examine the impact of such things as changes to the End User Licensing Agreement...

MacJury #831: Analysis of Apple’s Announcements and the Future of Macworld Expo

The largest MacJury ever convened discusses no Steve Jobs' keynote and their final appearance at Macworld Expo. Does this mean the end of Macworld Expo, as the naysayers are claiming, or more of an...