Chuck Joiner, Oliver Breidenbach

MacVoices #20098: Oliver Breidenbach On Developments with mimoLive, FotoMagico for iPad and More (Part 2)

In Part 2 of our conversation with Oliver Breidenbach, CEO of Boinx Software talks about the new FotoMagico for iPad, and the features that make it one of the best photo experiences on that device. Oliver covers...
Chuck Joiner, Greg Appelhof

MacVoices #20071: CES – AirSelfie Is An Affordable Flying Camera That You Control with Hand Gestures

At CES in Las Vegas, Greg Appelhof, President of AirSelfie, showed off their line of flying cameras that not only can be controlled by their app, but also by hand gestures. Mark Ahern, Business Development Specialist,...
Chuck Joiner, Chris Leigh

MacVoices #20068: CES – PowerVision Introduces a Combination Drone / AI Video Camera

At CES in Las Vegas, PowerVision was flying a drone through a shower of water. Chris Leigh, Regional Sales Director, who was flying the drone, explained how it not only can fly during a heavy rain,...
Chuck Joiner, KL Chiu

MacVoices #20056: CES – ShiftCam’s iPhone Case Offers Multiple Additional Lenses

At CES in Las Vegas, ShiftCam was showing off their iPhone lens case and system that no only offers you additional lenses on their case so that you never forget them, but also acts as a...
Chuck Joiner, Xiang Cao

MacVoices #20038: CES – Wonder Painter Brings Your Drawings And Photos To Life, Then Animates Them

At CES in Las Vegas, one of our favorite demos came from Xiang Cao, PhD, the CEO of Wonder Painter. Turning simple drawings into 3D animated characters was easy, but taking a photo of...