MacVoices #609: Adobe Breakfast at Expo – Welcome and After Effects

AdobeMacVoices brings you an exclusive – a four part series from the Adobe Professional Association and User Group Breakfast at Macworld Conference & Expo 2006 in San Francisco.

Our first installment includes the welcome by Terry White and the very first public look at some new technology in After Effects by Dave Helmly.

MacVoices #608: MacVoices at Expo – Startly Technologies Introduces Docktopus

DocktopusStartly Technologies, the makers of the venerable Macintosh macro program QuicKeys, scored a “Macworld Best of Show” award for their new Dock utility, Docktopus. Eric Roccasecca, the Director of Research and Development from Startly talks about Docktopus and the latest version of Trans Lucy, their take on how to watch video on your Mac.

MacVoices #607: MacVoices at Expo – RadTech Introduces Even More New Products

JRadTechust when you think that RadTech can’t possibly introduce any more cool new products…they do. John Grzeskowiak of RadTech gave us a quick rundown both on what they brought to market at Macworld Expo, as well as a peak at a future product that isn’t quite ready yet.

MacVoices #606: MacVoices at Expo – Brian Peat of Dissects Keynote 3

Brian PeatBrian Peat of talks about the new features and capabilities of Keynote 3, the newest edition of Apple’s presentation program and part of iWork ’06. There are lots of enhancements that didn’t make it to Steve Jobs’ keynote speech; Brian brings us up to date.

MacNotables #606: Macworld Live Booth Session #2

The MacNotables were back on stage in the Macworld (magazine) Live booth on Wednesday talking about show favorites, discussing backups and why they will improve your life, the new MacBook Pro, the switch to the Intel chip and answering audience questions.

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