Adam Engst, Andy Ihnatko, Jason Snell, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #14204: Adam Engst, Andy Ihnatko and Jason Snell on The Pebble and the Smartwatch Future

An all-star MacNotables panel of Adam Engst, Andy Ihnatko,  Jason Snell and host Chuck Joiner  got together to talk about smartwatches in general and the Pebble in particular. Why? Because Pebble was arguably the...

MacVoices #676: Justin Kownacki of “Something To Be Desired” and PodCampPittsburgh on His Online SitCom and a Pennsylvania Podcast Gathering

Justin Kownacki, the creator of Something To Be Desired, an online video situation comedy, discusses their three year evolution and how they started long before the podcasting revolution. Justin talks about his volunteer case,...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Mark Fuccio, Jeff Gamet, Jim Rea, Warren Sklar, Web Bixby, Brittany Smith

MacVoices #22210: MacVoices Live! – Adobe/Figma and Elon Musk/Twitter (2)

The MacVoices Live! panel didn’t hold back when discussing the Adobe/Figma deal and what it might mean to the future of graphic and deisign collaboration. Neither were Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Mark Fuccio, Jeff Gamet, Jim Rea, Warren Sklar, Web Bixby,...

MacVoices #938: Macworld Expo – mDialog’s Greg Philpott on Their Creation, Hosting and Publishing Solutions for New Media Creators

The CEO of mDialog, Greg Philpott, provides a tour of the many services they offer to new media creators. mDialog provies a wide range of options and features, including in-browser video encoding and uploading,...
Chuck Joiner, Maria Langer

MacVoices #14214: Maria Langer Gets You Up and Running with Meetup

The latest release from Maria Langer is the new course, Up and Running with Meetup , on You might think Meetup is simple - someone posts a get together and people get together....