User Group Report #535: The Mac Networker’s Retreat with Paul Kent, GarageBand and Podcasting Focus Group with Sue Arment, Mac News Braintrust with Dennis Sellers and the Evolution of The User Group Report

A professional Mac conference of a different kind, a focus group where you can get paid, and the latest in Mac news commentary are all included in this week’s show, along with information on the User Group Report’s evolution into something new: MacVoices. The guests are Paul Kent of The Mac Networker’s Retreat, Sue Arment of Digital Life Discoveries and Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News.

Paul Kent of Mactivity profiles the upcoming Mac Networkers Retreat, summarizing the intense, professional-level sessions that attendees will benefit from. Paul tells us why this conference is different than just about anything out there by design, and why you might want to consider joining them on Monterey Bay.

Sue Arment
Sue Arment of Digital Life Discoveries tells us about her company, how they assist technology vendors who want to connect with real users, and fills you in on how, if you use GarageBand or are a music podcaster, you can share your opinions and get paid for it

Dennis Sellers
Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News is back to discuss recent, and upcoming, developments in Mac news, including the iPod nano, Apple’s stock price, the breakneck pace of product development at Apple and more.