User Group Report #301: iFocus, JoMac’s, Casady & Greene and Vendor Deals & The User Group Report as MP3!

The first edition for 2003 features a slate of interesting guests, information on how to get your group’s events listed on The MUG Center and, for the first time, the User Group Report available as an MP3 file to listen on your iPod or at your convenience.

Nico Juber of the Tufts Macintosh Users Group profiles her group, the first iFocus contest for Boston area campus user groups, and User Group University from a student perspective.
Chris Kiltz of the Josephine County Mac User Group talks about how her group went from being “in the middle of nowhere” to exhibiting in the User Group Booth at Macworld Expo.
Bonnie Mitchell of Casady & Greene discusses the C&G User Group Program, why they elected to give SpellCatcher X to user groups before anyone else, and why Apple took away Bonnie’s toys.