MacVoices Update 2019-04

MacVoices #19102: Update 2019-04

In the April update, Chuck comments on the upcoming publication schedule, outlines appearances at user groups and on other shows, and discusses the use of confidential information by MacVoices. Reports on both the Patreon...
MacVoices Update - 2023-01

MacVoices #23065: MacVoices Update – 2023-01

In the January 2023 Update, Chuck talks about what you have been seeing and why in the extensive MacVoices coverage of CES (and it isn't over yet). Some ideas of what’s coming up next...
MV Update - 2020-07

MacVoices #20182: MacVoices Update – 2020-07

In the July update, Chuck talks about MacVoices Live!, MacVoices Magazine, and the MacVoices Blog, along with the Support Report. Show Notes: Support:      Become a MacVoices Patron on Patreon      Enjoy this episode?...
MacVoices Update 2023-04

MacVoices #23130: MacVoices Update – 2023-04

The April MacVoices Update includes a welcome to a new MacVoices Live! panel member and a note about a return to normalcy for the MacVoices Live! schedule. Some comments on past and future Briefings...
MacVoices Update 2024-01

MacVoices #24027: MacVoices Update – 2024-01

The January 2024 MacVoices Update features commentary on the release schedule of videos from CES, episode-specific artwork, the challenges with sponsors, and the month’s Support Report. Show Notes: Support:      Become a MacVoices Patron on Patreon ...