Chuck Joiner, Josh Centers

MacVoices #15172: Josh Centers Delivers A Crash Course on iOS 9

Josh Centers  is the author of the brand new iOS 9: A Take Control Crash Course, an ebook that will help you get up to speed with the latest mobile OS from Apple, and...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Gamet, Guy Serle, David Ginsburg, Ji Rea, Brittany Smith, Andrew Orr

MacVoices #22010: MacVoices Live – New Year’s Objectives and Resolution; AirTag Tracking (1)

MacVoices Live! starts of 2022 with the panel talking about some New Year’s objectives (not resolutions), that include email management, delegating some tasks to be able to focus on others, and going paperless. Then,...
David Ginsburg, Jeff Gamet, Mark Fuccio, Guy Serle, Jim Rea, Andrew Orr, Kelly Guimont

MacVoices #21067: MacVoices Live! – Chat Apps and Security (2)

The panel of David Ginsburg, Jeff Gamet, Mark Fuccio, Guy Serle, Jim Rea, Andrew Orr, and Kelly Guimont wrap up our discussion of chat apps and security by taking the larger view of security, examining why so many users don’t...
David Ginsburg, Jim Rea, Guy Serle, Jeff Gamet, Warren Sklar, Chuck Joiner, Kelly Guimont

MacVoices #22026: MacVoices Live! – AirTag Tracking and The Panel’s Workspaces and Gear (1)

The MacVoices Live! panel takes a look at Apple’s updated Personal Safety Guide and the new updates to it that have to do with AirTags. That, of course, prompted more discussion of how AirTags...
Allison Hartley, Kelly Guimont, Neal Pann, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #17083: The MacJury’s Take on Choosing Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Siri

Thanks to a discussion on the MacVoices Facebook Group, the MacJury convened to discuss the options available to anyone who wants to do voice queries and control Internet of Things devices. The panel of Allison...