Kiersten Moffat

MacVoices #1126: Macworld 2011 – Dexium Delivers Power Saving Options for the iPhone 4

At Macworld 2011, Kiersten Moffat of Dexium talks about two of their new products. The Visible G, a smart iPhone charger that saves power once the attached iPhone charges, and provides visible feedback on...
John Chaffee

MacVoices #1124 – Macworld 2011 – BusyMac Gets Busier with BusyToDo

In the BusyMac booth at Macworld 2011, John Chaffee shows off BusyToDo, their iOS app that automatically syncs your task list in iCal or BusyCal using Apple's MobileMe. John explains both the capabilities and...
Grant Dahlke

MacVoices #1123: Macworld 2011 – Other World Computing Ups the Ante in Solid State Drives for the MacBook Air

In the Other World Computing booth at Macworld 2011, Grant Dahlke once again shows what a stunning difference an SSD (solid state drive) can make in computing performance. Grant shows off OWC's Mercury Extreme...
Gretchen Cathey

MacVoices #1121: Macworld 2011 – The Worth Ave. Group Protects Your Electronic Devices Beyond Your Homeowners Insurance

From the show floor at Macworld 2011, Gretchen Cathey of the Worth Ave. Group explains why your homeowner's insurance isn't enough when it comes to your Mac, iPhone or iPad, from both a value...
Jon Parshall

MacVoices #1119: Macworld 2011- CodeWeavers Unveils Impersonator To Run Windows Programs Without Windows

The folks at CodeWeavers decided to do something different for the release of Impersonator, the tenth edition of CrossOver Mac, and selected the show floor at Macworld 2011 to do it. CodeWeavers'' Chief Operating...