MacVoicesTV #12101: WWDC 2012 – Rich Mogull Delivers A Practical Security Briefing

While at WWDC 2012, we had a chance to sit down with security expert Rich Mogull to get some practical advice about security on our Macs, iOS devices, and while away from home. Rich tells us what we need to know about how to evaluate the risk of cloud storage, why Google scores high in one category and low in another, and the implications of using social media services to log in to other services. Why LinkedIn’s security breach occurred, how Twitter’s security method is a better choice, and some realistic thinking on the virus threat to Mac users are all covered by Rick in terms that you can understand.


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Rich Mogull has been working in the security world for 17 or so years, and breaking computers (usually by accident) even longer. After about 10 years in physical security (mostly running large events/concerts), he made the mistake of getting drunk in Silicon Valley and telling someone he “worked in security.” Next morning he woke up with a job as an IT security consultant. That’s not totally true, but it’s far more amusing than his full biography. He currently works as an independent security consultant and writer through Securosis, covers security for TidBITS, and previously spent seven years as an analyst with Gartner. Rich has also worked as a paramedic, done stints as a firefighter and with Rocky Mountain Rescue, and recently retired from ski patrol when he moved to sunny Arizona. He still dabbles in disaster medicine, when nature cooperates. (from TidBITS)

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