MacVoices #1018: MacVoices at Macworld – Greg Scown of SmileOnMyMac Takes The Wraps Off TextExpander 3

Macworld 2010 week opens with a conversation with Greg Scown of SmileOnMyMac, who provides a pre-release review of the upcoming TextExpander 3, the newest version of their hit productivity tool. Changes are coming to TextExpander 3, and they are for the better. Greg discusses those changes and how they will enhance the product, new features, and how the upgrade will be transparent for users. Greg also comments on the integration of TextExpander into a number of iPhone apps, and his initial thoughts on the utility on the iPad.

Macworld 2010

MacVoicesTV at Macworld 2010 is sponsored by our friends at Data Robotics, SmileOnMyMac and Take Control Books.


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