Chuck Joiner, David ginsburg, Eric Bolden, Jim Rea, Web Bixby, Jeff Gamet

MacVoices #22175: MacVoices Live! – Microsoft Teams – The Many Options (3)

The MacVoices Live! panel of Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Jim Rea, Jeff Gamet and special guests Web Bixby and Eric Bolden finish up this session with a surprising topic: Microsoft Teams! The fact that, after 2 years, Microsoft has...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Gamet, Kelly Guimont, Jim Rea, Dave Ginsburg, Jay Miller, Brittany Smith, Frank Petrie

MacVoices #21171: MacVoices Live! Personal Devices For Business, Tim Cook’s Successor (1)

The MacVoices Live! panel of Jeff Gamet, Kelly Guimont, Jim Rea, Dave Ginsburg, Jay Miller, Brittany Smith, and Frank Petrie address a report that Apple is “requiring” employees to use personal devices for company business. The panel evaluates the truth...
Chuck Joiner, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #20211: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Big Sur (2)

The second part of our conversation with Joe Kissell about Take Control of Big Sur focuses on how to get the most out of the new version of macOS, from the more iOS-influenced look to the features that...
David Ginsburg, Jim Rea, Warren Sklar, Mark Fuccio, Jeff Gamet, Chuck Joiner, Brittany Smith

MacVoices #22201 – MacVoices Live! – Software Update Publicity, Apple Stock, YouTube Gets Podcasts (3)

David Ginsburg, Jim Rea, Warren Sklar, Mark Fuccio, Jeff Gamet, Chuck Joiner, and Brittany Smith finish off this MacVoices Live! conversation the end of the software update publicity discussion, taking a look at Warren Buffett buying into Apple in an even...
Chuck Joiner, Andrew Orr, Jim Rea, Frank Petrie, Jeff Gamet, David Ginsburg, Brittany Smith

MacVoices #21138: MacVoices Live! – Pocket Casts’ Acquisition and Favorite Podcast Clients (3)

The last part of this MacVoices Live! session focused on the acquisition of the podcast client Pocket Casts by Automatic, the makers of WordPress. What opportunities this might present for content creators and podcasters...