MacVoices Announces iPhone Panel

MacVoices has created a panel of experts who will be delivering rea-world experiences with buying, using and enhancing the iPone in the coming weeks. The panel includes:

Pat Fauquet
Pat Fauquet of Bob LeVitus Consulting
Pat, the Senior Agent for Bob LeVitus Consulting, is their resident expert on PDAs, smart phones and synching to the Mac. She has owned four Treos and three Newton Messagepads and has worked with clients around the world to troubleshoot synching issues between Macs, smart devices and various software packages. She also assists clients in exporting, importing and optimizing data from long-outdated address book applications into Address Book.

Paul Kafasis
Paul Kafasis – CEO, of Rogue Amoeba
Paul serves as the public face of Rogue Amoeba and handles product management for all of Rogue Amoeba’s application, as well as tackling the innumerable tasks no one else wants. When not working, Paul enjoys distance running as a form of fleeing from his problems. Unfortunately, he always winds up back at home, where the problems have been waiting and eating his snacks.

Dan Pourhadi
Dan Pourhadi – freelance writer, contributor to The Unofficial Apple WeblogDan Pourhadi is a Mac enthusiast and critic whose writings have appeared in various publications, including MacAddict and MacDirectory magazines, TidBITS, macCompanion, Macsimum News, Macteens, the Daily Herald newspaper, Northwest Passages, and several MUG newsletters. Dan’s a blogger at AOL’s The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), and he regularly gives presentations on various technologies to Mac User Groups and Apple Stores in the Chicago area.

Steve SandeTake Control author, creator of Movable Beast and iPhone Ranch
Steve Sande has been in love with handheld devices since the first announcement of the Newton Messagepad and has run mobile device websites since 1994. He’s a member of the elite Möbius mobile computing conference group, and has a huge pile of smartphones cluttering his desk as a result. His latest sites are, which looks at mobile devices from the perspective of a Mac user, and The iPhone Ranch. Steve is a Mac consultant, instructor, and has written books on the iPod and iWeb for Take Control Books. He’s also the author of the help files for Mark/Space, Inc.’s Missing Sync products for Palm, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.