MacVoices #9107: Michael Cohen’s ‘Take Control of Syncing Data in Leopard’ Includes iPhone 3.0 and iTunes 9

Michael Cohen
The new Take Control book, Take Control of Syncing Data in Leopard, is out, but not without some last-minute changes. Michael Cohen explains why this book (and this interview) had to be revised because of Apple’s early release of Snow Leopard, the release of iPhone 3.0, and even iTunes 9. Each of these both enhanced and complicated the task of syncing your data, and Michael proves himself a master of analogies in explaining each so that any user can make sense of them. Michael reviews the concepts of managed and unmanaged data in Snow Leopard, touches on Exchange support, and why he chose to cover third-party syncing utilities in the book. Bet you didn’t know that film star Hedy Lamarr is responsible for some of the technology in your Mac and iPhone, did you? Michael reveals what it is, how it got there, and what it has to do with the topic of syncing.


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