MacVoices #8149: The Road to Macworld – Omaha Sternberg Invites Everyone to the MacRadio Meetup at Macworld Expo

Omaha Sternberg
Omaha Sternberg, the Executive Producer of MacRadio, a Mac podcast aggregation site, talks about what her site offers that iTunes doesn’t, on The Road to Macworld Expo. Omaha previews some of the social networking features that MacRadio will soon be offering, invites everyone at Macworld Expo the MacRadio Meetup on Thursday night, and announces a partnership that will shuttle you, straight from Moscone to the event. Omaha also provides some thoughts on some of the opportunities presented by the changes to Macworld Expo in 2010.

The Road to Macworld Conference & Expo

The Road to Macworld Expo is a special MacVoices series produced in partnership with Macworld Conference & Expo to preview some of the exhibitors, speakers and presentations at Macworld Conference & Expo 2009 in San Francisco from January 5-9 at the Moscone Convention Center.


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MacRadio Meetup at Macworld Expo