MacVoices #8103: Ben Gottlieb of Stand Alone Talks About Crosswords and the iPhone Developer Puzzle

BengottleibBen Gottlieb of Stand Alone Inc., the makers of Crosswords for the iPhone, discusses their history with crossword puzzles that dates back to the Newton, why they published Crosswords for the jailbroken iPhone, and how they’ve enhanced it to take advantage of the iPhone 3G. Simplicity sets Crosswords apart in a world of glitzy games, and Ben describes how they upgraded the classic diversion with modern capabilities, and why we all still have some learning to do on the touch interface. Ben also provides some thoughts on the state of the iPhone App Store from the developer perspective, the impact of the commenting system, and some of the additions needed to better serve customers and developers alike.


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Crosswords by Stand Alone Inc. on the iPhone App Store