MacVoices #745 – MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora: Rogue Amoeba’s AirFoil Helps Set Pandora Free from the Desktop

Paul Kafasis
MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora
At the MacVoices at Expo featuring Pandora event on Friday night of Macworld Expo, Paul Kafasis, the CEO of Rogue Amoeba discusses how his company helps Pandora “escape” from the desktop by allowing the streaming music service to be played to remote speakers using their AirFoil product in conjunction with Apple’s Airport Express. AirFoil is available for both Mac and Windows so that anyone can enjoy Pandora. Paul also discusses the product line that makes Rogue Amoeba one of the premier Mac developers out there, and then Tom Conrad, the Chief Technology Officer of Pandora joins in to tell a story about how AirFoil helped net Pandora a significant investor.


Rogue Amoeba

Audio Hijack Pro


“Apple AirPort Express with Air Tunes (M9470LL/A)” (Apple Computer)