MacVoices #723 – MacVoices at Expo: YouSendIt Transfers Large Files Without FTP Hassles

YouSendItHave a large file to send? Florian Brody, the Senior Director for Marketing of YouSendIt talks about their solution for transferring large audio, video and other files. Email has limits, FTP can be confusing for the novice and overnight delivery is expensive. Enter YouSendIt. By using only your browser and a YouSendIt account you can easily move up to 2 gigabytes to your recipient. YouSendIt’s latest innovation, announced at Macworld, is a plug-in for Apple’s Aperture to help professional photographers get more done from within the program, and there is more in-program support coming. Florian discusses how it all works, their infrastructure that handles 30 terabytes per day, their security and privacy options that keep your confidential data private, the free vs. pro account differences and more.

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