MacVoices #7100 – Joe Kissell Fully Takes Control of Upgrading to Leopard

Joe Kissell

Joe Kissell is back, this time with no NDA restrictions, to give us a full look at his new book, Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard and his well-researched recommendations on the best methods to make the transition easier. Even though Apple does a great job of making transitions between major system software upgrades, there are always things you should be aware of and tweaks you can make during the upgrade. Joe comments on the most basic thing to do before installing Leopard, provides his thoughts on some much-circulated wisdom about system maintenance and makes some suggestions for saving precious hard drive space. Joe also covers potential issues with system add-ons, the issues of Mac OS 9 and Rosetta under Leopard, why upgrading is the perfect time to re-evaluate some of your installed utilities, and reveals one of the best investments you can make for the move to Leopard.


Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard by Joe Kissell

Apple Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

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