MacNotables #768: Ted Landau Takes Control of the iPhone

Ted Landau
Ted Landau has taken on the task of troubleshooting Apple’s latest device, the iPhone. Ted’s newest book, Take Control of Troubleshooting Your iPhone helps you deal with the first crop of potential iPhone challenges. Ted talks about why he opted to release an early-bird edition of the book, what’s coming in the soon to be available (and free update) to the Take Control book, and how it expanded in scope beyond the original plan. Ted’s style is to not only help you solve your problems, but to understand them as well. “Take Control of Troubleshooting Your iPhone” is no different, making it unique among the crop of iPhone books because of its depth and approach, and Ted gives some information and solutions to some of the most common issues that iPhone users may face.


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Troubleshooting Iphone
Take Control of Troubleshooting Your iPhone by Ted Landau