MacVoices #23245: TV+ Talk – The Morning Show Impressions

Charlotte Henry and Chuck Joiner discuss new Apple TV+ topics in this edition of TV+ Talk. Included in the discussion are their positive opinions and the success on the service and why. They dissect the first three episodes of “The Morning Show” and look at streaming service cancellation statistics. 

Show Notes:


0:00:18 Welcome to TV Plus Talk with Charlotte and Chuck
0:02:14 Discussing the latest TV shows and episodes
0:02:23 Jennifer Aniston’s high maintenance character and Elon Musk reference
0:03:07 The Opening Episode: Spoiler Question and Backroom Deals
0:05:35 Unrealistic Plot Twist: TV Presenter Goes to Space
0:05:42 Sharing insights on talk show hosts and their guests
0:08:48 Divvish Behavior and Character Dynamics
0:12:23 Wake-up Call: Reactions to Hack and Confiscation of Phones
0:14:16 Christina Hunter’s Powerful Performance and Unfair Treatment
0:16:30 Mixed feelings about Season Four
0:19:16 Comparison with Succession and the premise similarity
0:21:11 Desire for a more realistic and believable storyline
0:22:46 Personal Favorites and Documentaries on Apple TV Plus
0:23:26 Apple TV Plus: Is it worth subscribing?
0:33:38 Slowbro: Phenomenal Acting and Writing


Charlotte Henry is a media junkie, covering how Apple is not just a revolutionary tech firm, but a revolutionary media firm. She is based in London, writes and broadcasts for various outlets, and is the author of Not Buying It, an examination of fake news. You can find her on her The Addition blog, her podcast, in her The Addition newsletter on substack, and on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and TikTok.


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