MacVoices #23224: MacVoices Live! – Apple App Store and the New UK Regulations (2)

This MacVoices Live! session continues the discussion of the new UK rules regarding Apple’s App Store and their impact on app purchases and security. The group endorses Setapp for installing apps on Macs but question comfort in installing apps outside the App Store. Chuck JoinerDavid GinsburgEric BoldenJim ReaJeff GametWeb Bixby, and Brian Flanigan-Arthurs compare the difference between third-party apps on Mac and iOS, emphasizing the importance of sandboxing for security, and cover challenges for developers listing apps outside the App Store and speculate on upcoming changes in the EU. The conversation concludes with concerns over Apple’s authority in deciding which apps can exist and the potential advantages for Apple’s own App Store. (Part 2) 

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Show Notes:


0:00:27 The Potential Impact of New UK Rules on App Reliability
0:02:45 Stepping Outside Apple’s Walled Garden: Concerns and Risks
0:04:25 The Importance of App Notarization on macOS
0:05:29 Vetting in App Store Process: Limited Protection on iOS
0:06:59 Mac OS lacks compatibility, causing frustration among users.
0:07:51 Perception vs. Reality: Safety of Apps from App Store
0:09:00 Introduction and SetApp’s’ iOS apps
0:10:34 Potential Challenges for Developers Listing Apps Only in App Store
0:12:04 Notarization and the App Approval Process
0:15:02 Apple’s control over app existence
0:18:19 Apple’s plan to ensure revenue from app sales
0:18:57 Apple’s Fight Against EU Regulations
0:21:05 Apple’s Compliance Strategy and Potential Legal Battles
0:27:42 The Future of App Stores on the Moon


Epic loses bid to make Apple change its App Store payment rules right now


Setapp Planning to Launch Alternative App Store for iOS in Europe

Apple is ‘working with EU’ on third-party app stores for iPhone, iPad, etc.



Web Bixby has been in the insurance business for 40 years and has been an Apple user for longer than that.You can catch up with him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Eric Bolden is into macOS, plants, sci-fi, food, and is a rural internet supporter. You can connect with him on Twitterby email at [email protected], on Mastodon at @[email protected], and on his blog, Trending At Work.

Brian Flanigan-Arthurs is an educator with a passion for providing results-driven, innovative learning strategies for all students, but particularly those who are at-risk. He is also a tech enthusiast who has a particular affinity for Apple since he first used the Apple IIGS as a student. You can contact Brian on twitter as @brian8944. He also recently opened a Mastodon account at @[email protected].

Jeff Gamet is a technology blogger, podcaster, author, and public speaker. Previously, he was The Mac Observer’s Managing Editor, and the TextExpander Evangelist for Smile. He has presented at Macworld Expo, RSA Conference, several WordCamp events, along with many other conferences. You can find him on several podcasts such as The Mac Show, The Big Show, MacVoices, Mac OS Ken, This Week in iOS, and more. Jeff is easy to find on social media as @jgamet on Twitter and Instagram, jeffgamet on LinkedIn., @[email protected] on Mastodon, and on his YouTube Channel at

David Ginsburg is the host of the weekly podcast In Touch With iOS where he discusses all things iOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and related technologies. He is an IT professional supporting Mac, iOS and Windows users. Visit his YouTube channel at and find and follow him on Twitter @daveg65 and on Mastodon at @[email protected]

Jim Rea built his own computer from scratch in 1975, started programming in 1977, and has been an independent Mac developer continuously since 1984. He is the founder of ProVUE Development, and the author of Panorama X, ProVUE’s ultra fast RAM based database software for the macOS platform. He’s been a speaker at MacTech, MacWorld Expo and other industry conferences. Follow Jim at and via @[email protected] on Mastodon.


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