MacVoices #23198: Ben Roethig on macOS for the iPad

Ben Roethig believes the iPad has evolved to be more like a Mac, with mouse and keyboard support, and that that evolution should include the macOS. We debate the benefits and challenges of a touch interface on the Mac, and the future of traditional laptops. How a unified operating system could preserve device strengths while implementing simplicity is discussed with an eye toward security.


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Show Notes:


0:01:41 Ben’s Argument: Convergence of iPad and Mac OS
0:04:06 Chuck’s Concern: Bloated Operating Systems and Optimization
0:08:07 Debate over the benefits of touch functionality on laptops
0:10:07 Considering the hassle and code associated with touch interfaces
0:12:26 MacBook Pro vs. iPad: Touchscreen Pros and Cons
0:13:31 Touch Interface on Macs vs iPad Keyboard Support
0:16:07 Microsoft’s Innovation with Surface Line and Interface Improvement
0:17:31 Microsoft’s Strong Support from Business Users
0:18:05 The Legacy of Desktop Machines and Laptops
0:19:13 Evolution of Devices: Touch First Generation
0:20:58 User Needs vs. Wants: Simplifying Interfaces
0:21:59 The Future of Computing: A Deep Statement
0:23:53 Apple’s locked-down devices and limitations on running applications
0:25:34 Unified operating system’s impact on user experience and security
0:26:08 Third Party Gatekeeper Apps vs App Store Apps
0:26:45 Apple’s focus on security and usability
0:28:26 Customizable OS for different user preferences


Apple Needs a Single Computer OS by Ben Roethig


Ben Roethig has been in the Apple Ecosystem since the System 7 Days. He is the a former Associate Editor with Geek Beat, Co-Founder of The Tech Hangout and Deconstruct and currently shares his thoughts on RoethigTech. Contact him on  Twitter and Mastodon.


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