MacVoices #23167: Road to Macstock – Jill McKinley

Our Road to Macstock series continues in a conversation with Jill McKlnley, a first-time presenter at the conference. Jill will be talking about “Using Your Sticks”, her metaphor for being more productive with your Apple tech. Jill should know: she talks about her journey from Windows user to podcast listener to switcher ad podcast producer. Her perspective on why the Mac, and on piece of software, make her choice obvious. 

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Jill McKinley has dedicated over 28 years working with enterprise software, IT, end-user adoption, and public speaking. Her passion is finding adoptable solutions for real-world research challenges using technology. She works in the software industry as a consultant for enterprise clinical trial management software. As a system administrator, she has led large IT projects, including Windows Server, SharePoint, and Citrix MetaFrame farms.

Jill’s love for technology began with an 8088 and DOS, but her role as a Windows 95 technical lead sealed the deal. Despite her expertise in Windows technology, in 2020, she switched to Mac and also started podcasting. She has two live podcasts, Start with Small Steps and Small Steps with God, with two more coming soon. You can check out her podcasts at The Curious Gals.

She’s an avid podcast listener, reader, hiker, birdwatcher, and knitter. You can email her at [email protected] or Twitter as @schmern.


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