MacVoices #21151: Jim Tierney of Digital Anarchy on Transcriptive Rough Cutter

Jim Tierney of Digital Anarchy is back with the latest version of their transcription software, Transcriptive Rough Cutter. Jim explains what’s new in this version of Transcriptive, the advantages of editing via transcription, and the difference between transcriptions, voice recognition, and speech-to-text. He explains how it works and how it can make your life easier if creating videos for clients.

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Show Notes:


Jim Tierney is a pioneer in the development of plugins for motion graphics, animation and video editing. During the 1990’s, Jim worked for software companies like MetaTools, Atomic Power and Cycore. He helped create graphics products like Bryce, Evolution and Final Effects. After working on After Effects plugins for six years, Jim thought it was finally time to get out there and do some of his own. So he did, and Digital Anarchy was born in 2001. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter, and follow Jim himself on Twitter.



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